5 Canadian Wedding Traditions

Why is marriage celebrated? A simple answer is that friends and family should know that the couple is starting a new life as man and wife. It is the celebration of a new beginning, marriages are celebrated to help the new couple start their journey on a positive note. Besides the nuptials, every culture and country has its own set of rituals that make the wedding memorable for all. Here are 5 Canadian wedding traditions that you should know.

1. Wearing the colour white

Wearing white gowns by brides was a tradition started in Europe a long time ago. It has since become the standard for all Western weddings ever since. In fact, it is taken for granted that the wedding dress is going to be white( or cream colour).

2. The dance with the sock

This is where the unmarried siblings of the bride and groom will come into the picture. Canadian tradition suggests that the unmarried siblings of the couple wear funny socks and dance before the wedding. It is part of tradition that people shower them with money which is then collected for the couple.

3. Meeting the bride at her house

Among the French in Canada, it is tradition that the groom, along with his convoy of friends visit the bride before the wedding to get the celebrations started. This is the start of the fun.

4. The wedding dance

There is this Canadian wedding tradition where people pay a Dollar or more for dancing with the bride and the groom. This money is then used for partly funding the wedding function.

5. Having Trousseau Tea

This is a slowly fading tradition where a tea party is held by the mother of the bride who invite friends, colleagues and neighbours to the wedding. At this party, the mother of the bride displays the wedding trousseau and other gifts given to the bride. This is a great way to celebrate the arrival of the wedding with near and dear ones.

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