Top 10 Wedding Trends in Toronto

To make the wedding a memorable event for everyone, couples are going to great lengths to ensure that their wedding event is unique. This is a worldwide phenomenon. Couples today are shunning rituals and traditions to do something different and unique. Who said a wedding is just about witnessing the rituals and enjoying the food.

From food stations where guests can customize a snack to bridal gowns in an offbeat colour, here are some of the wedding trends that are hot right now.

1. Statement wedding cakes

The same old decked white cake is slowly becoming passe. Now, couples want to have cakes that can make a statement- they are made in different shapes, sizes and flavours. This ensures that everyone at the venue is looking forward not only for the nupitals but also for the unique cake that has been made.

2. A round seating arrangement

With the traditional seating arrangement, sometimes some of the guests are not able to see the bride and groom. To tackle this, many couples are now arranging their wedding in an open ground where everyone is seated around the couple. This gives the guests a truly unique experience.

3. Innovative photo ops

This year, there is the trends where couples are going to great lengths to ensure they have the best photo op of them in their wedding dresses. This means hiring professional photographers who know how to use various props to photograph the couple in a way that sets them apart from the rest.

4. Personalized touches

Many couples are ensuring their wedding is memorable for everyone with personal touches that would give guests an idea of the personalities of the couple. Some couples opt for unique décor while others make sure the food menu is something worth remembering. Nevertheless, attending a wedding is now becoming a very memorable experience for everyone.

5. Unique colour themes

To give the wedding venue a look that will be remembered, many couples are now knocking the doors of professionals to give the décor a look that is welcoming and unique.  In fact, many couples are now even getting their and the bridesmaids/men of honour’s wardrobes that match with the décor of the event.

6. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor

Irrespective of the fact that the wedding is being held indoors or outdoors, couples are now opting for décor that looks opposite of the venue- there would be grass indoors and unique lighting outdoors. Getting the décor right is now something that the guests will admire and love.

7. Non-conventional invites

Even the invitation cards now carry a unique look(and taste) so that guests can look forward to the wedding. Couples are now not only giving their personal opinions on the wedding invites but also adding something unexpected to it. Some invites now come with a video of the couple while others come with a box of goodies.

8. Minimalism

The minimalism trend is also setting weddings on fire. An increasing number of couples now want to ensure that their weddings are not over-the-top or have excessive elements. A simple theme is applied to everything in the wedding to give it a uniform look and experience.

9. Food!

Couples no longer want the conventional sit-down dinner and traditional appetizers. Couples now want to ensure that the food at their wedding is memorable. Some of the ways this is done is to get their favourite food trucks to the venue, setting up a buffet of the best food they like or offering mini and bite sized appetizers that would want the guests to ask for more.

10. Asymmetry

Brides are now opting for unique designs not available at stores. They are going for asymmetrical wedding gowns, a trend that has taken the fashion world by storm for quite some time now. This is one way brides can ensure people remember her and her dress.

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