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Best banquet hall & convention centre in Toronto. Our banquet hall specialised for weddings, social & corporate events.Our banquet hall located near Toronto GTA, perfect place for any events without any Doubt. It. In order to decide on an IDEAL BANQUET HALL Any events. One needs to see a lot of things while selecting the most suitable banquet hall for the out of the ordinary occasion. Our team committed to creating incredible memories for your special day.

Space Of Banquet Hall 

The first thing that comes to a person’s mind while organizing any events is to make a list of the guests who & how many are to be invited. Make a note of the number of guest attending events. It will help you decide on the size of banquet hall in Toronto. Look into the layout and size of the hall to determine the maximum and minimum capacity of the place as that will help you define if the place can be considered banquet or not. For example, for wedding you need to have big size banquet halls. And for social functions & parties you don’t required spacious banquet hall in Toronto. For corporate function depends upon your guest list. For corporate meeting small space banquet hall enough.We have capacity up to 100 to 1000 people  so you can arrange events for small & big functions as well as big functions also.

Parking Facility At Banquet Hall

The more the names on the guest list, the bigger the parking lot should be present at the banquet hall.Parking space for the vehicles of the families and corporate guests is the most important point which is to be kept in mind while choosing any banquet hall specially in Toronto nowadays.Choosing a venue with attached parking will help you suffice your guest basic need.We are having special Banquet parking facility up to 500 cars at a time.

Surrounding of Banquet Hall

People choose banquet halls to their status & standards. As a result, they need to choose a banquet where the surrounding should be posh and clean as it will eventually be linked to their status & standard.In Toronto location & surrounding most important while choosing banquet hall & Est Banquet located near by heart of Toronto GTA.Also Venues that can be easily located via GPS would be a good choice. 

Banquet Catering 

The food and the drinks are the main reason why guests love to be present at the events in Toronto. For that reason, the catering should be the best of quality. It’s the guests who add life to any events, therefore, they should be served well with food, drinks, and love. The tables, the crockery, the food & drink stalls should be in the best condition as well as it will make a good impact on the guests in Toronto. Our management team can assist you in choosing the best banquet catering package for event.

Ambiance Of Banquet Hall

A banquet hall which is to be seen with the view of wedding, social functions or corporate events must possess the qualities described above as it will eventually lead to a successful event that will be etched on your mind forever. At Est Banquet ambiance is not just lightened up by the guests but it is actually lightened by the decorations and the dedication put up by our banquet hall team management.

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