5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Corporate Event Venue

Choosing the right conference venue

Organizing a conference is not so challenging if you have the right amenities. The first thing is choosing the venue but the planning does not end here. A lot of pre-requisites should be taken care of. Every corporate event has their own have their own set of requirements. Before choosing the venue keeps in mind:


The location is of paramount importance for maximizing attendance of the invitees. Ensure transportation facilities are apt for your corporate guests. Also confirm ample parking space and valet parking facilities. For attendees traveling from far off places; nearby areas which are worth seeing is a cherry on the top for pre and post activities so that the attendees can get a local feel of the place.

The Event

Decide the venue based on the corporate event. Whether it’s a meeting or a conference or a workshop. Whether you will be needing accommodation for your guests? What all facilities like projector, screen, speakers, technical installations etc. are required? How you want the seating to be and what should be the layout depending on the number of attendees.


Proper staff is always required to make a event successful. People who can even handle a technical failure. Technical support is something which is really important. Make sure that the basic requirements and amenities during your event are served to your guests. Choose someone who is experienced in handling these types of events. 

Budget Facilities & Catering

Zero down on a figure with your company and decision makers before proceeding.  If you have found a venue don’t hesitate to negotiate or ask if there are any discounts if you sign a yearly contract for your events. Keep in mind the available facilities for any kind of emergency.

Ensure that you r attendees have comfortable seating arrangement and space to relax during breaks. You may even add some extras like a massage chair, pool tables, spa. Complimentary facilities like tea/coffee, printing/copying machine, branded stationary, free bottles water are just a few things to consider depending on your budget.

Ask the vendor to accommodate for special diets (like vegan) or allergies. Make sure to ensure there are no hidden costs for outside vendors.

These are a few things to be kept in mind. Brainstorming sessions during the initial phase of the planning process are important. Try to make sure your company’s values are aligned with the event. We wish your attendees have the best experience possible.

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